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                              GPS positioning terminal

                              Intelligent anti-dismantling positioning foot buckle

                              The electronic foot buckle system is an intelligent anti-escape system designed specifically for the escort process of detainees in prison. This system uses satellites and a variety of advanced technologies such as auxiliary positioning, sensing, ranging and wireless transmission to implement full controllable information management of the detainees' outgoing escort process, and build a new controlled personnel outgoing escort safety guarantee system.

                              • Model: ND-100

                              MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

                              Introduction of electronic foot buckle system:

                                     The electronic foot buckle system is an intelligent anti-escape system designed specifically for the escort process of detainees in prison. This system uses satellites and a variety of advanced technologies such as auxiliary positioning, sensing, ranging and wireless transmission to implement full controllable information management of the detainees' outgoing escort process, and build a new controlled personnel outgoing escort safety guarantee system. This system is composed of electronic foot buckle, handheld terminal, 4G video terminal, back-end system and client-side monitoring platform. Through the front-end real-time monitoring, the back-end system controls the front-end monitoring information in real time to achieve the purpose of three-dimensional protection and intelligent monitoring, which fully reflects this set. The four core values of the system, including elimination of escape, efficient pursuit, visibility, and intelligent platform, are one of the most scientific and effective solutions for detainees’ out-of-office supervision.

                                     The intelligent electronic foot buckle system relies on the industry standard of the Ministry of Public Security GA443-2014 "Electronic Foot Buckle System", and is based on the status quo of technological development and the actual needs of detainees' out-of-office monitoring. It is currently the most practical out-of-office escort and escape system on the market.

                                     The electronic foot buckle is a metal ring device worn on the ankle bone of the prisoner. It transmits information through GPRS and the background system. It mainly provides real-time position information and various alarm information for the monitoring platform and handheld terminals. The main features are as follows:

                              1) Exquisite appearance, compact body.

                                     The appearance and structure of the product are carefully created by a professional team, which is exquisite and elegant without losing the characteristics of the industry; at the same time, it also adopts ergonomic design and is comfortable to wear. The weight is less than 500 grams, far lower than similar products, and the wearing load is small, which reflects Humanized law enforcement.

                              2) High-precision positioning, triple guarantee.

                                     Ordinary positioning systems generally can only achieve a positioning accuracy of 10 to 20 meters, and there are often disconnected faults. If such a positioning system with ordinary positioning accuracy is used during the escort process of prisoners, once the prisoner escapes, it will be difficult to locate the prisoner in time and accurately, which will bring great inconvenience to the pursuit of escape. The electronic foot buckle system uses a high-precision positioning system. Once an alarm occurs, the host immediately starts high-precision positioning with a positioning accuracy of 3-5 meters. Once an escape occurs, the target has nowhere to hide; outdoor positioning uses GPS/BDS dual navigation positioning system, indoor Positioning adopts LBS/WIFI positioning, with multiple guarantees.

                              3) Retractable wrist strap and magnetic mechanical lock.

                                     The electronic foot buckle metal wristband can be adjusted in size, with an adjustment range of up to 5cm, which can be adapted to various figures. The original design of locks and keys, one magnetic lock, two mechanical locks, double protection, tested by unlocking experts, the working time of anti-pull-out is more than 300 minutes.

                              4) Reserved interface, external detachable secondary foot buckle.

                                     The traditional electronic foot buckle has only one foot buckle. When going out, prisoners have to wear conventional metal footcuffs and then electronic foot buckles. This is cumbersome to operate and adds to the burden of wearing the prisoners. The electronic foot buckle is equipped with a detachable metal secondary foot buckle. You can choose whether to wear the secondary foot buckle according to different wearers and occasions, which truly achieves the perfect combination of technical escape prevention and physical escape prevention. At the same time, the secondary foot buckle can only be opened/locked from the inside of the wristband after opening the wristband with a key, which is safe.

                              5) Five-proof design, as solid as a rock.

                                     The host adopts high-strength PC, resistant to high and low temperatures -45℃-135℃, and has high impact resistance, high toughness and flame retardant characteristics. Foot buckle

                                     The wristbands are made of high-strength alloy material, which is strong and textured, and can effectively prevent damage; the whole machine is resistant to drop of more than 3 meters, and reaches the five-proof safety level of explosion-proof, cold-proof, drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof.

                              6) Multiple monitoring, real-time control.

                                     The electronic foot buckle has built-in vital sign sensors and vibration sensors. Once the wearer’s vital signs are abnormal and the foot buckle is maliciously damaged, an alarm will be immediately activated and sent back to the background, providing an effective basis for background decision-making and command.

                              7) Magnetic charging, dual standby power supply.

                                     The electronic foot buckle has a built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery with a standby time of over 72 hours. The host is equipped with a magnetic charging port, which is convenient and safe. At the same time, it is equipped with two 10,000 mAh super-capacity mobile power sources, which can charge the electronic foot buckle and handheld terminal at any time.

                              8) Seven alarm modes.

                                     The electronic foot buckle is equipped with seven alarm modes, among which the hazard alarms are: unauthorized opening of the wristband alarm, electronic foot buckle and handheld terminal over-distance alarm, wristband disconnection alarm, exceeding electronic fence alarm and so on. Once the hazard alarm is triggered, the electronic foot buckle, the monitoring platform and the handheld terminal will all activate the sound alarm at the same time; the electronic foot buckle is equipped with a high-power speaker, and the alarm sound has strong penetrating power. The reminder alarms are: low battery alarm (less than 30%), 60s not received location information alarm, electronic foot buckle heavy blow damage alarm, etc. After the alarm is triggered, only the monitoring platform and handheld terminal will alarm. Seven alarm modes can be set up scientifically and reasonably to monitor the electronic foot buckle and the wearer's dynamics at any time, which technically prevents the occurrence of escape during the escort process.

                              9) Switch mode.

                                     The electronic buckle host memory card/SIM card and battery are all built-in designs, which eliminates potential safety hazards from the source of the product. There is a power-on button on the back of the host, which can only be turned on by pressing the power-on button when the wristband is opened. After turning on the power-on button, the power-on button cannot be turned off. Only after the escort task is completed, the supervisory platform can remotely control the shutdown.

                              MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

                              Handheld Terminal:

                                     The handheld terminal is a special device for the supervision of electronic foot buckles and prisoners carried by the outgoing supervisors. He is paired and bound with the electronic foot buckle through UWB, controls the dynamics of the electronic foot buckle at any time, and maintains information exchange with the back-end system. Mainly have the following characteristics:

                              1) Basic configuration.

                                     The handheld terminal uses a 5.0-inch full-touch IPS high-definition hard screen with a resolution of 1920*1080. Support 4G full Netcom, Android 7.0 operating system, battery capacity of 5000mAH, polymer lithium battery. Professional anti-shock, anti-drop, protection grade IP67. , Support GPS positioning. Maximum support 1920*1080 pixels 30 frame video shooting, maximum support 4096*3072 pixel photography.

                              2) Function introduction.

                                     ① Binding and unbinding. After the handheld terminal is turned on and logged in, the on-site supervisory personnel and the handheld terminal are bound, and then bound with the electronic foot buckle through uwb. The successful binding automatically generates the execution task serial number and sends it back to the background system. After the outbound escort task is completed, the supervision platform will issue instructions, and the handheld terminal can be unbound with the electronic foot buckle. At the same time, in the process of performing out-of-office escort tasks, it can be seamlessly connected to realize shift unbinding and shift binding.

                                     ② Ranging function. The electronic foot buckle can be measured in real time. The distance measurement error is less than 20cm. The safety alarm distance (3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, etc.) from the electronic foot buckle can be set through the handheld terminal. Once the electronic foot buckle wears If the distance to the handheld terminal exceeds the set safe distance, the electronic foot buckle, handheld terminal and background will all alarm.

                               Electronic fence alarm. An electronic fence can be set for the electronic foot buckle in the background, and the electronic foot buckle will automatically alarm if it exceeds the electronic fence.

                                     ③ SOS and intercom function. In the event of an emergency, you can use the SOS button to urgently contact the background supervisor or supervisor, and you can set up to 3 emergency numbers; at the same time, you can talk to the background real-time public network voice;

                                     ④ Live feedback function. The handheld terminal can transmit the situation of the escort scene back to the background in real time through the local camera. At the same time, it can also send voice, text, pictures and other information to the supervision platform at any time, so that the background can know the real situation of the front desk.

                                     ⑤ Alarm positioning function. It can receive the alarm triggered by the electronic foot buckle and display the position information of the electronic foot buckle in real time on the map.

                                     ⑥ The task is released and the task is suspended and resumed. After the task is completed, you can apply to the background for the deduction task; if you need to temporarily remove the electronic foot buckle under special circumstances, you can apply to the background for temporary suspension of the task (for example, the detainee needs to remove the foot buckle during CT inspection). The upper foot buckle can be used for mission recovery.

                              MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

                              backend system:

                                     The back-end system is divided into two parts. The first part is to deploy a back-end database management system on the server to receive data from the front-end equipment, namely electronic foot buckles and handheld terminals, and to issue the instructions of the monitoring platform to the front-end equipment. Simply put, the task of the background system is information reception, information processing, and information transfer. The second part is the client of the supervision platform, which adopts the B/S structure, with a simple interface and simple operation. Logging in to the platform through a browser can realize the information access and control of the front-end equipment.

                              The platform mainly has the following functions:

                              1) Task management

                                     The supervision platform can issue outgoing escort tasks, real-time tracking and positioning of tasks being performed, setting up electronic fences, deduction approval and task suspension approval, etc.

                              2) Alarm management

                                     Various alarms of the electronic foot buckle will be transmitted to the supervision platform in text and voice as soon as possible. After receiving the alarm message, the supervision platform administrator can take countermeasures according to the type of alarm. At the same time, the high-precision geographic coordinates of the prisoner can be viewed in real time on the map of the supervision platform. The monitoring platform can turn off the alarm sound according to the actual situation (error operation alarm or the alarm condition has been eliminated).

                              3) Message management

                                     The monitoring platform can receive pictures, texts, voices and videos sent by handheld terminals. And these information can be edited, categorized and sorted to facilitate later reference. At the same time, messages and operating instructions can be pushed to the handheld terminal via voice/text.

                              4) Query management

                                     The monitoring platform can inquire about historical tasks and tasks that are being executed, and can search and inquire by keywords such as time/task name/equipment number/name/mobile phone number. It can also query and play the historical track of the electronic foot buckle. At the same time, you can query the operation log of the supervision platform.

                              5) Video surveillance

                                     The video monitoring platform can perform real-time monitoring on the outgoing escort site, and the background can conduct voice intercom and emergency command with the front-end site.

                              6) System settings and permissions settings

                                     Senior administrators can log in to the monitoring platform system to set up the system, including parameter settings, handheld terminal and electronic foot buckle management, information entry, and various permissions for the monitoring platform and handheld terminal login users, including historical data viewing /Edit/copy/delete, etc., as well as set emergency call numbers, and the number of electronic foot buckles bound to the handheld terminal.

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